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Certified Instructors
Certified Instructors

Our professional ski instructors hold certifications from reputable organizations, ensuring they have the expertise to deliver effective and engaging lessons.

Personalized Learning
Personalized Learning

Niseko Supreme offers tailored instruction that caters to each student's unique needs, abilities, and goals. This personalized approach accelerates skill development and maximizes the learning experience.

Small Group Sizes
Small Group Sizes

We maintain small class sizes up to 4 people, to ensure that every student receives individual attention and support from our instructors.

Safety-First Approach
Safety-First Approach

Niseko Supreme prioritizes safety, teaching student’s essential mountain protocols, risk management, and proper ski etiquette to minimize accidents and promote responsible skiing.

Progressive Curriculum
Progressive Curriculum

Our structured curriculum builds on foundational skills, gradually introducing more advanced techniques and terrain as students gain confidence and proficiency.

Fun and Supportive Atmosphere
Fun and Supportive Atmosphere

We create a positive learning environment where students can enjoy the process of learning to ski, overcoming challenges, and celebrating their achievements.

State-of-the-art Facilities and Equipment
State-of-the-art Facilities and Equipment

Niseko Supreme provides access to well-maintained slopes, best powder on secret spots, modern lifts, and up-to-date ski equipment to ensure an optimal learning experience.

SINCE 2014
SINCE 2014

Since 2014, we have been in Niseko, passionately sharing our knowledge with our clients and ensuring that everyone’s day with us is relaxing, fun, and fulfilling.

Our Team


In Niseko since 2014
Local and international professional snowsports instructors


Tadeja Kolar

Ski School Director

Ski Instructor



Dejan Labes

Ski Instructor/Coach

Snowboard Instructor

 Ski Guide




Ski Instructor/Coach

FIS Competitor



Ski Instructor


Hironobu Toda

Ski Instructor

Trainer and examiner

Snowboard Instructor

Ski Guide


Hisae Fukui

Ski Instructor

Trainer and examiner



Adir Sharon

Snowboard Instructor

Snowboard Coach and Ski Instructor.

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What Clients Say About Us

Niseko Supreme is a premier snowsports school dedicated to providing top-quality instruction to skiers and snowboarders of all ages and skill levels. Our highly certified and experienced instructors focus on helping students reach their full potential on the slopes, guiding them through a progressive curriculum that emphasizes safety, skill development, and enjoyment.

"The ski school provided an exceptional service from start to finish. The instructors were knowledgeable, friendly and made the whole experience fun and enjoyable. Thanks to their guidance, I made significant progress in my skiing abilities and felt safe and secure throughout the lessons."


    "I can't say enough good things about this ski school and its incredible instructors! They had an amazing sense of teaching kids and really went above and beyond to make the lessons fun and engaging. My children were thrilled to learn how to ski and they made significant progress in just a few lessons. The instructors had a way of making the kids feel comfortable and confident, and they provided the perfect balance of challenge and support. I highly recommend this ski school to anyone looking for a fantastic experience for their children!"

      John L.

      "I couldn't have asked for a better ski school experience. The instructors were patient and encouraging, and they really helped me gain confidence on the slopes. I appreciated the emphasis on safety and the fact that the lessons were tailored to my individual needs. I had a blast and can't wait to come back!"

        Kate m

        "I had an incredible experience with Niseko Supreme ski school! They provided me with an unforgettable day of guided backcountry skiing, taking me safely and expertly off-piste and into the best areas of untouched powder. The guides were knowledgeable, professional, and made me feel completely at ease throughout the entire experience. I couldn't have asked for a better day on the mountain, and I highly recommend Niseko Supreme ski school to anyone looking for an incredible off-pist skiing experience."

          mark & Randy

          Niseko Supreme
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          Marius EnganMarius Engan
          02:06 09 Feb 24
          Hiro is a brilliant Japanese guide with fluent english, he is very knowledgable, patient, kind and great spirit.I would strongly recommend to ask for him.
          Jure JereleJure Jerele
          14:50 05 Feb 24
          I highly recommend Niseko Supreme for guiding you around the Nisko ski area and beyond. They have a lot of first-hand knowledge about weather, snow conditions, and safety. They made sure our stay was packed with the best skiing/snowboarding possible. And their knowledge extends far beyond just skiing/snowboarding. They know a thing or two about the best onsens and restaurants.
          Selena WuSelena Wu
          08:21 01 Feb 24
          Teddy has been a great ski instructor with my children. She coached them over 2 seasons and was always super patient and kind with them. She was able to help them not only learn how to ski but to progress technically so that they had the confidence to tackle harder slopes. Juan also took the children for a few days and they also really enjoyed their lessons!
          01:44 25 Jan 24
          Amazing instructors! They were full of positive energy, enthusiasm and encouragement, and are good at explaining the various movements and form so that it feels intuitive/is easy to understand. Took lessons with them over 5 days as a complete beginner and was happy with my progress by the end of it. I look forward to taking lessons from them again the next time I’m back in Niseko. Thanks Dejan and Jazmin! 🙂
          Carsten SCarsten S
          05:20 24 Jan 24
          Teddy & Dejan - best ski instructors in Niseko! Have been skiing with them for 8 years! Can be excellent for kids but also for technical ski coaching for more experienced skiers
          Jonathan & YuminJonathan & Yumin
          08:48 19 Dec 23
          We signed up as total beginners with zero experience in skiing, and with only the warmest hearts to learn versus the sub zero temperatures in Niseko. Dejan showed us what skiing is all about, he was patient in teaching us the basics, and was fully professional from start to end. He was literally taking pictures for us in -10 degrees and encouraging us to enjoy the wonderful powder. Thank you Dejan and thank you Niseko Supreme for opening our eyes to the world of skiing. It was snow much fun ⛷️! We will look for you when we return!
          samuel wunsamuel wun
          22:06 05 Dec 23
          I would like to thank Coach dejan & coach Hiro-san. Snowboarding is nothing easy to learn, despite endless and endless of not executing proper techniques. Coach dejan was utterly patient and encouraging throughout the 2 days lessons. Taking care and attending to our needs. Coach dejan & coach Hiro-San treated us like we are family, i highly recommend Niseko Supreme for lessons in Snowboard/Skiing. I will definitely be back for lessons with Niseko Supreme and hopefully one day conquer a mountain. I wish nothing but the best for Dejan & Hiro-san, well done Niseko Supreme! Lastly, rental recommendations by Dejan & Hiro-san was a lifesaver. It was really affordable & professional to ensure the proper gears are issued so we can have a fun and safe experience with snowboarding and skiing. Once again, thank you coach Dejan & Coach Hiro-san
          Nimmi CherianNimmi Cherian
          12:06 18 Oct 23
          We (my two kids, aged 9 and 5, and myself) had a truly wonderful experience learning to ski in Niseko with Teddy in February 2023. We were all beginners and yet with Teddy's guidance, we learnt quite a lot in just 3 days. We learnt to balance on our skis, comfortably take the ski lift and finally to manoeuvre the slopes by regulating the speed. At the end of the third of session, we were doing the green and easy red slopes (levels 2 and 3). My kids loved Teddy, especially my daughter who had a lot of fun screaming and playing in the snow with her. Teddy is excellent in giving the right technical guidance and has enormous patience. The two days that we were in a different resort from the one that we skied at, the team also provided transport for us. Looking forward to the next season when we can ski with her again.
          George MolinaGeorge Molina
          10:12 07 Oct 23
          Tomo KoTomo Ko
          05:48 06 Oct 23
          Marjana PircMarjana Pirc
          22:02 26 Sep 23
          Great people. great teachers. great life inspirators.
          Lucija MlakarLucija Mlakar
          21:58 26 Sep 23
          17:29 19 Sep 23
          The one of the best people you can meet in this world!and the most qualified as the instructers!Definitely recommended to learn the snow sports with them,you will surely have the best experiences in your life!
          00:30 17 Sep 23
          I have skied many times with Dejan It is always such a treatI look forward to every opportunity and Niseko is the best resort in Japan
          Chukey SherpaChukey Sherpa
          15:55 15 Sep 23
          I am grateful to Dejan, Teddy and their team for because of them I am able to enjoy skiing as a beginner. They treat you like friends and teach very whole heartedly. There are many companies but these guys are the best for me.
          Arpit AeronArpit Aeron
          17:23 09 Sep 23
          Skiing with these guys since few years and I must say that I learnt a lot in very short time. The lessons are fun and challenging at the same time so you can get the most out of whatever little time you have on the snow. I totally recommend this company for skiing lessons in Niseko. Good luck to Dejan and his team.


          Niseko is a popular ski resort located on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. It is known for its abundant snowfall and excellent powder skiing conditions, as well as its wide variety of terrain and modern lift infrastructure. The resort is made up of four main skiing areas, each with its own unique character and appeal: Annupuri, Hanazono, Hirafu, and Niseko Village.


          Hirafu is the largest and most developed of the four areas, and is known for its wide range of restaurants and accommodations, shops, small bars, lively nightlife and bustling atmosphere. It offers a mix of groomed runs and off-piste skiing, and is popular among a wide range of skiers and snowboarders.

          In Hirafu, you can access the ski slopes from three different locations: the Hirafu family chairlift (above Hotel Aya), the Hirafu Base Camp (next to the main bus station), and the Hirafu Gondola. The transition between ski resorts is easy. You can either ski, use the bus, or take a lesson with us and we will take you to your desired starting destination.


          Hanazono is located in the northeastern corner of the resort and is considered the best ski area for beginners due to its large flat area at the base of the resort and its brand new, luxurious and spacious lifts. Thanks to these features and its distance from the town, there are never really any crowds or long queues.

          On the other hand, Hanazono offers some of the best steepest and most challenging terrain in the area. It is also known for its excellent tree skiing and backcountry access, making it a favorite among advanced and expert skiers.

          In Hanazono, there is only one hotel, Park Hyatt, which is considered one of the most luxurious accommodations on the ski slopes, with ski-in and ski-out options. The resort features five restaurants within the Park Hyatt complex, as well as the Edge restaurant located at the base of the gondola and the new six-seater chairlift.

          Ski passes can be purchased at the Hanazono 308 building, which is located near the parking lot. The building also houses a children’s climbing wall, a kids’ daycare facility, a ski rental and retail shop, and a small but very tasty café shop.

          Access to Hanazono is easy. If you are a skilled skier and the lifts are open, you can easily ski to and from the other three resorts in Niseko. Alternatively, you can take a bus that runs every 20 minutes between Hirafu and Hanazono. But if you want a stress-free day, we also offer transportation from your hotel to your desired ski resort as part of our lessons.


          Annupuri is the southernmost of the four areas and is known for its wide, gentle slopes and great views of Mount Yotei. It is a popular destination for families and beginners, as well as intermediate skiers looking for a more relaxed experience.

          Access to Annupuri is possible by car (a 20-minute drive from Hirafu), by bus (although it can be a very long ride), or by skiing, if the highest lifts are operational. Alternatively, you can simply take a lesson with us and enjoy a stress-free ride to your desired destination.


          Niseko offers fantastic snow conditions throughout the winter. The most fresh snow falls in January and February. At that time, it is cold, foggy, and windy, but the snow quality is the best. In March, the weather is more stable, sometimes sunny with beautiful views of Mt. Yotei. April is the last month of the ski season in Niseko. The amount of snow decreases, but the snow quality is still good, although it can vary from year to year. During this time, temperatures can already rise above freezing and sunny days are more frequent, allowing for enjoying warmer weather on the slopes.



          Here are some links that can help you plan your vacation in Niseko:


          Niseko lift status: https://www.niseko.ne.jp/en/niseko-lift-status/


          Niseko weather forecast: https://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Niseko/6day/mid


          Access to Niseko: https://www.niseko.ne.jp/en/niseko-access/


          Access between ski resorts in Niseko: https://hanazononiseko.com/en/winter/resort/access

          ABOUT NISEKO

          Are you interested in the activities and offerings this paradise has to offer? We have collected some ideas for you:




          Here are some of the recommended coffee shops on the slopes in Niseko ski resort:


          1. HANA 1 CAFE – located next to the Edge restaurant in Hanazono, this coffee shop is known for its specialty coffee and cozy atmosphere.


          1. SPROUT – situated inside the Hanazono 308 building in Hanazono, Sprout offers a variety of coffee drinks, pastries, and light meals.


          1. FRESH CAFE – located at the bottom of the Family Ski run in Hirafu, Fresh Cafe is a popular spot for skiers and snowboarders to grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.


          1. PARADISE HUT – this cozy cafe in Annupuri is situated below the mountain station of the Jumbo Hooded Quad #1. It offers great views of the mountain and serves a range of coffee drinks and snacks.


          These coffee shops are well-known for their quality coffee and friendly service, and are definitely worth a visit if you’re a coffee lover.












          SNOW TUBING: https://hanazononiseko.com/en/winter/activities/tube-park


          ADVENTURE PARK: https://nacadventures.jp/en/summer-e/adventurepark-e/


          SNOWMOBILE TOURS: https://hanazononiseko.com/en/winter/activities/snowmobile-tours


          SNOW SHOEING NISEKO: https://nisekotourism.com/directory/winter/snowshoeing/


          SNOW RAFTING: https://hanazononiseko.com/en/winter/activities/snow-rafting


          HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT: https://hanazononiseko.com/en/summer/activities/zipline





          NISEKO YOGA: https://setsuniseko.com/en/wellness/studio-en


          ONSEN: https://www.niseko.com/features/onsen-guide/


          CHILDCARE SERVIS: https://hanazononiseko.com/en/winter/activities/daycare


          INDOOR KIDS ADVENTURE AREA: https://hanazononiseko.com/en/winter/activities/galaxy-of-kidz


          NISEKO INDOOR CLIMBING GYM: https://nacadventures.jp/en/climbing-e/niseko-e/

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